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Our fourth update: 2006- New year, new possibilities!

Kjetil Samuelsen from TV Sør in Norway made an interview with the two ladies from Kristiansand See the video here:

Kjetil Anthonsen wrote an article about the UBUNTU-project in the newspaper Fædrelandsvennen. Read the article here:

Week 2
The Christmas holiday is finished, and the soap-production and the sale has started again in Queenstown, South Africa.

Uke 4
Nina Tanggaard is finally finished with her Bachelor of International/intercultural Social Work. The money from the celebration at her university was given to the UBUNTU-project.

Week 5- 6
Hilde Marie Kvarenes and Nina Tanggaard started to get prepared to go back to South Africa the 5th of March. We focused on how to make UBUNTU even more sustainable. The workers in UBUNTU in South Africa continued with the sale and the production in Queenstown.

Week 7
The Webmaster at Oslo College of Social Work in Norway contacted Hilde Marie Kvarenes and he wrote an article about her and her involvement in UBUNTU. Check out:

Week 8/9
It is now possible to buy the UBUNTU-soap in Norway too! You can buy it in Vitusapotek Elefanten (Elefantapoteket) in Gyldenløvesgate 13, Coop Prix in St Olavs vei 15 (Lund) and at Sunkost on Sørlandssenteret. Så nå kan dere også støtte UBUNTU gjennom å kjøpe såper. Dette er virkelig direkte bistand. Karl Martin Sætren is going to design the new handout! Friday the 3rd of March were Hilde and Nina in Studio in TVN. Check out “MorraKvisten” Saturday and Sunday morning. The 5th of March Hilde and Nina will fly back to South Africa.