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Our third update

Week 45: This week was one of the most important weeks for the UBUNTU-project. We came in contact with Mark Adams which is Indistrial Advisor in Eastern Cape Manufacturing Advisory Centre, ECMAC. This is a centre that is helping projects to become sustainable. Mark Adams told us that the only way for us to get some support from the government, is to become a co-operative. When you are a co-operative in South Africa you have the possibility to ask for financial help and training. After some good advises from the expert, we desided to try and apply to the government.

We also arranged a meeting with the manager in a shop, Shoprite, in Queenstown. He was very interessted in our soap, but he wanted a bar code before he could sell it. Mark Adams is therefore going to help us design a bar code

Week 46: PASCaP, our partners, visited Queenstown this week. They facilitated workshops where they showed us a new methode which will upgrade the standart of the UBUNTU soap. PASCaP also brought a lot of raw material from Cape Town, so we can produce more soaps.

We arranged a braii for all the UBUNTU members since the norwegian team, Hilde Marie Kvarenes and Nina Tanggaard, soon will have to go back to Oslo and Copenhagen. All the members received a sertificate for participating more than 80 % of the workshops. It was sad for all of us to know that we would soon have to leave, but it became a great party with a lot of singing and dancing.

Week 47: We implemented the new methode PASCaP showed us last week. We also facilitated workshops where we talked about how the members want to devide their responsibilities in UBUNTU. We all agreed that the best would be to have different tasks for each member. The responsibilities were devided into Raw Material Manager, Equipment Manager, Ordering Manager, Label Manager, Financial Manager, etc.

Nina had so say farewell to all the members. She had to go back to Denmark to finish her graduation in International, Intercultural Socialadvicer.

Week 48: We produced 800 soaps and we also wrapped a lot of soaps. To satisfy our costumers we also made some new 50 grams soaps.

Week 49: We are now registred as a South African Co-operative! The members in UBUNTU will therefore receive training in January and February in marketing, finansial planning, book-keeping and computer skills. ECMAC will pay for the costs.

We wrapped a lot of soaps this week.

Week 50: We got the permission to have a stand in Queenstown where we can sell the soaps. The costumers were very interessted in the soap.

We also got an e-mail address for the UBUNTU members in Queenstown. They will send updates and a summary every month from their work to Hilde Marie and Nina. The mail-address is: Zini og Zukiswa received traning in IT and are now responsible on this area.

We also had an individual evaluation where we evaluated and talked about the periode from August until December.

Hilde also had to say farewell this week. But all of us knew that Hilde and Nina were going to come back in February and March, so it wasn’t too bad...

Week 51 and 52: Christmas holiday!