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Our second update, Tuesday 15.11.05

Week 40:
We started this week with individual conversations, to get a better understanding of the motivation and the goals of each participant.We also achieved to produce 12 batches of oliveoil-soaps og 13 batches of geranium-soaps. We also facilitated a workshop about financial planning, where we among other things, discussed budgets, strategic planning and visions. This was a hectic and busy, but excited week!
- We also want to thank a family in Norway for giving the money from a 60year anniversary!

Week 41:
The week started with workshops about marketing. As our starting point is empowerment, we decided to ask the participants about their own thoughts about good marketing in their township. As a part of our stratedic planning, we decided to open up a bank account. We talked to the ward-counseller in Bede location, and he gave his blessings to the UBUNTU-project. To open up the account, the participants needed to write business plan and meeting minutes. - We also want to thank "Elefant Apoteket" in Norway for holding a stand in your farmacy to inform your costumers about the UBUNTU-project. Thanks for the money you collected to our project!

Week 42:
As we are focusing on empowerment and participation, we are spending a lot of time every week to talk about the work and the developing of UBUNTU. Every week we are trying to have topics like financial planning and how we can improve. The financial planning is a very important issue, as this is a new way of planning for most of the participants. Many of our beautifull handmade soaps where also wrapped this week.

Tuesday 25.10. A journalist from the local newspaper, The Rep had an interview with us today! The participants had never been in the newspaper before, and where very proud!

Friday 28.10. The article about the UBUNTU-project came in the newspaper!

Saturday 29.10: Today was a big day for all of us. We had our first stand on a Handcraft Market! The costumers where very excited about our soaps, and some of them had read about the project in the newspaper and showed us much support.

Week 43: The week started with talking about the experiences from the Handcraft Market. The participants roleplayed good and bad sale-strategies they had experienced. We where also reflecting about how we can improve our way of selling the soaps. The participants sold a lot of soaps this week, so they where busy wrapping soaps. The new order of raw materials arrived this week. Among other things, we recieved 250 kg of coconut oil, 80 liters of palm oil and 130 liters og olive oil.

Week 44: The UBUNTU-account got arranged. The money from the Handcraft Marked is already in the bank, to ensure that we have enough money to buy new raw materials. Camilla Wang Pedersen, our friend from Norway is going to visit us and assist us. The participants are looking foreward to meet her. The rest of the week, we will be busy producing soaps.